Script, tools en informatie voor Grepolis

Why are donations necessary for GrepoTools

A few years ago I started playing Grepolis. What a beautiful game, and what a great community, both the people you play with and the people you play against in the game.

While playing I heard wishes from players left and right. For example, a feature that she missed in the game. Because programming is a hobby of mine, I realized these wishes in a script for Grepolis. This is how GrepoTools was born in 2022.

Tool after tool was added. Nowadays the data from about 75 servers is processed into the database every hour and every player who starts the game and uses GrepoTools downloads the data for the game.

As a result, a faster website had to be installed at the end of 2023 and I also expect that an update will be needed in 2024.
Developing GrepoTools not only requires a lot of time. Unfortunately, the costs have also risen to slightly less than €40 per month, a total of almost €480 per year.

I would appreciate it if every GrepoTools user would donate a small portion of this, in case you can spare it, towards the costs and development of GrepoTools. Then it remains a fun hobby for me.