Script, tools and information for Grepolis

Origin of the Grepotools script:

The script was developed because there is no easy way to navigate through the game world within Grepolis. Everything looks the same and outside the oceans there is no form of recognition.

People also looked for other options to make a location clear when making maps and plans. I started thinking about this and that’s how GrepoTools was born.

There are currently several tools included in the script:

  • BBCode added. (Cities of a player, an entire alliance or an entire island can be copied and pasted into messages, forums and notes)Tags are displayed next to the cities (player name, alliance, city name and points)
  • Player inactivity can be shown in the tags on the map
  • Display 5×5 grid (per ocean from A1 to E5)
  • Ocean numbers are shown on the map
  • Island numbers and tags are displayed on the map
  • Coordinates are displayed (X/Y)

The tools are available on both the strategic map and the island overview.
Thanks to the many options, the script can be configured to suit everyone’s needs.


Inno games:
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Approved on 07/26/2022 for all countries and servers by Inno Games
GrepoTools is used by players in countries on servers
Translation available whitin the script for : nl | en