Script, tools and information for Grepolis

Latest changes:

1.3.1 | 11-28-2022
– Bug : Tools update on maps when switching between the strategic map and the island overview.

1.3.0 | Date 20-11-2022
– The island numbers can be used as a link to the island information
– The settings menu has been revised. Here you can also find more information about the script and how it works.
– Ocean numbers added on the strategic map and the island overview
– The tools work on the active ocean, no longer looking at the mouse position but at the center of the game window.
– Oceans where the tools must always work actively can be set via the menu.
– Added colors to grid and island numbers
– Appearance of the grid has been changed to the same style of the island numbers. This makes the text easier to see
– The data for the island numbers are retrieved online. This data is now stored locally, requiring less data and improving performance.
– Keyboard controls removed
– Fixed various bugs
– Discord channel opened making contact easy for reporting bugs and asking questions

1.2.0 | 9/19/2022
– Island numbers are automatically displayed on the strategic map and the island map (on the active ocean)
– Numbers can be switched on and off per type and per card
– Colors can be set for the type of island (Farmer village and rock)
– Fixed grid per ocean has been discontinued. If the user chooses to display the grid on a map, it will automatically be shown on the active ocean.

1.1.9| 14-09-2022
Performance update

1.1.8| 07-08-2022
– Grid – performance update
– Preparation for version 1.2.0 where island numbers can be displayed on the strategic map

1.1.7| 20-08-2022
– New menu logo
– Version control – automatically notifies you in the notification_area at the bottom right when a new version is available

1.1.6 | 8/17/2022
– Added option to automatically display the grid on the active ocean. As a result, it is not necessary to set an ocean. Set oceans are always displayed.
– Added a startup delay so that Grepolis has time to start up before the GrepoTools script starts
– Default language is set on first load to the language of the game world instead of English
– Hungarian translation added

1.1.5| 8/15/2022
– GrepoTools icon moved to the left due to location icon GrepoData

1.1.4| 8/15/2022
– Added Spanish and Argentinian language, Polish adjusted
– Partially rewritten code to increase performance and stability
– Choices in the settings are sorted and are no longer mixed up
– Bug : Adjusted starting script (with slow internet it was possible that the grid was not visible
– Bug : Tooltip modified
– Bug : Layout changed

1.1.2| 07-08-2022
– Grid can also be displayed on the island overview and not just on the strategic map
– Language can be changed in the settings
– Settings can be saved per world. So if you play on multiple worlds at the same time, you can adjust the settings to your liking everywhere

1.0.1 | 31-07-2022
– Bug : Tampermonkey namespace (due to automatic update not working)
– Bug : Saving settings with a language setting other than NL
– Bug : Default dropdown’s settings

1.0.0 | 26-07-2022
– Original version