Script, tools and information for Grepolis

Latest changes:

1.8.9 | 25-02-2024
– Added French translation (translated by David1327 – Diotools)
– Folder tags – Location adjusted to make more space available
– Folder tags – Inactivity now appears below the city icon, freeing up more space
– BUG – Map tags are now shown on ghost towns
– BUG – BBCode – Ghost towns are now shown when the island towns are pasted into a table
– BUG – BBCode – Script crashed when a new city was added to an island between data retrieval and island bbcode copy
– BUG – Translation – English – Translation improved
– Rewritten and improved parts of the code (Menu, Message to Islanders and Alliance, BBCode)

1.8.8 | 13-02-2024
– Greek language added
– Bugfix – BBCode – Alliance name could be displayed incorrectly if a player window was also open
– BugFix – IslandNumbers code updated. Data is no longer stored locally but is refreshed when starting/reloading the game. This means that island numbers are also displayed correctly on new servers as soon as InnoGames has the data available. This is automatically checked every minute.

1.8.6 | 30-01-2024
– Fixed several bugs (Town tags not visible)

1.8.5 | 21-01-2024
– Browser icon animation when you are attacked
– Send message to all island players (only to own alliance)
– Send message to an entire alliance (own alliance and enemy alliances)

1.8.3 | 14-01-2024
– All tag data for the cities on the island map is automatically reloaded every hour. This means that refreshing the browser is no longer necessary and the most current information is always shown.
– Code island data/tags rewritten making it much faster
– Fixed several bugs

1.8.2 | 06-01-2024
– Various bugs fixed

1.8.0 | 05-01-2024
– Rewrote a large part of the code, making the script faster and more reliable
– Fixed several bugs
– BBCode – added alliance – BBcode – added island numbers and tags to player bbcode
– Player inactivity can be displayed in the tags folder (Collaboration with GrepoData)

1.7.0 | 31-12-2023
– BBCode added. (Cities of a player or an entire island can be copied and pasted into messages, forums and notes)

1.6.0 | 23-12-2023
– Added tags to the cities on the island map. Ability to display player name, alliance, city name and points

1.5.2 | 13-08-2023
– Various bugs fixed

1.5.1 | 30-07-2023
– Added option to toggle the X and Y coordinates on and off in the island view

1.5.0 | 28-07-2023
– The game coordinates are displayed as a grid and on the island map with coordinates
– The menu has been completely redesigned per module, making options easier to set
– Control of the different modules has been completely rewritten
– Various bugs fixed

1.4.3 | 01-07-2023
– Various bugs fixed

1.4.2 | 01-07-2023
– Various bugs fixed

1.4.1 | 25-06-2023
– Version control / update control adjusted
– Various bugs fixed

1.4.0 | 24-06-2023
– Languages removed – only Dutch and English -> Language adapts automatically / option in menu has been removed
– Use local memory so that less data traffic is needed and the script is faster.
– Database check and is automatically repaired if there are errors in the data
– Removed garbled colors
– Grid layout removed – default grid 5×5
– Various bugs fixed

1.3.5 | 25-12-2022
– Bug : Settings were not transferred to the maps during adjustments

1.3.4| 18-12-2022
– Performence update

1.3.3| 16-12-2022
– Bug : Adjusted the GrepoTools script startup procedure in connection with not showing the tools after clicking too quickly on one of the maps after starting Grepolis

1.3.2 | 13-12-2022
– Island tags added. As a result, each island automatically receives a tag. Like 55A02, where the first number is the ocean. In the settings menu you can choose to show the island numbers, the island tags or show them both.
– The position of island numbers and tags have been moved on some islands so that they are no longer above the Map Enhancer tags.

1.3.1 | 11-28-2022
– Bug : Tools update on maps when switching between the strategic map and the island overview.

1.3.0 | Date 20-11-2022
– The island numbers can be used as a link to the island information
– The settings menu has been revised. Here you can also find more information about the script and how it works.
– Ocean numbers added on the strategic map and the island overview
– The tools work on the active ocean, no longer looking at the mouse position but at the center of the game window.
– Oceans where the tools must always work actively can be set via the menu.
– Added colors to grid and island numbers
– Appearance of the grid has been changed to the same style of the island numbers. This makes the text easier to see
– The data for the island numbers are retrieved online. This data is now stored locally, requiring less data and improving performance.
– Keyboard controls removed
– Fixed various bugs
– Discord channel opened making contact easy for reporting bugs and asking questions

1.2.0 | 9/19/2022
– Island numbers are automatically displayed on the strategic map and the island map (on the active ocean)
– Numbers can be switched on and off per type and per card
– Colors can be set for the type of island (Farmer village and rock)
– Fixed grid per ocean has been discontinued. If the user chooses to display the grid on a map, it will automatically be shown on the active ocean.

1.1.9| 14-09-2022
Performance update

1.1.8| 07-08-2022
– Grid – performance update
– Preparation for version 1.2.0 where island numbers can be displayed on the strategic map

1.1.7| 20-08-2022
– New menu logo
– Version control – automatically notifies you in the notification_area at the bottom right when a new version is available

1.1.6 | 17-08-2022
– Added option to automatically display the grid on the active ocean. As a result, it is not necessary to set an ocean. Set oceans are always displayed.
– Added a startup delay so that Grepolis has time to start up before the GrepoTools script starts
– Default language is set on first load to the language of the game world instead of English
– Hungarian translation added

1.1.5| 15-08-2022
– GrepoTools icon moved to the left due to location icon GrepoData

1.1.4| 15-08-2022
– Added Spanish and Argentinian language, Polish adjusted
– Partially rewritten code to increase performance and stability
– Choices in the settings are sorted and are no longer mixed up
– Bug : Adjusted starting script (with slow internet it was possible that the grid was not visible
– Bug : Tooltip modified
– Bug : Layout changed

1.1.2| 07-08-2022
– Grid can also be displayed on the island overview and not just on the strategic map
– Language can be changed in the settings
– Settings can be saved per world. So if you play on multiple worlds at the same time, you can adjust the settings to your liking everywhere

1.0.1 | 31-07-2022
– Bug : Tampermonkey namespace (due to automatic update not working)
– Bug : Saving settings with a language setting other than NL
– Bug : Default dropdown’s settings

1.0.0 | 26-07-2022
– Original version